Top 5 places to use the Two Degrees app

Not sure where to use the Two Degrees app at? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Check out the top 10 places to utilize our app!


Maybe you’re at the local bar or a new trendy restaurant in town. Perhaps you’re curious about who’s around you. A night out is the perfect time to open up your Two Degrees app. Social networking is one of the best ways to meet new people. Two Degrees breaks the ice and lets you talk to others around you — all within the comfort of knowing you both share mutual friends with each other.


Have you ever been at a business conference or networking event and wanted to talk to the important CEO behind you but didn't know how to get the conversation started? Two Degrees was created with the business networking platform in mind. It’s a lot easier to start a conversation with someone at a networking event when you can see that you both know some of the same people. Once you open your Two Degrees app and find out that you and the important CEO both know your cousin, the conversation will flow smoothly. Want to take the awkwardness out of business networking? Jump on Two Degrees and start conversations with people you share mutual friends who are nearby.


Do you remember your freshman orientation week? Pretty overwhelming, wasn’t it? Imagine if you had an app that showed you the people around you that shared mutual friends with you. It’s the perfect way to make new friends and bond over the relationships that you both share. At any given time on a college campus there can be around 50,000 students within just a few miles of you. Out of those 50,000 students, you are guaranteed to share friends from back home with at least 5% of them. Two Degrees is the perfect solution for the overwhelming “college welcome week” that so many new freshmen experience every year.


Okay, this one is pretty self-explanatory. We all know that sitting at the airport for hours can be one of the most boring, slow-moving experiences of our lives. If you thought there were a lot of people around you on a college campus, there are even more people surrounding you in an airport. Why not check out who around you might know some people you know? I’ve always been curious about who around me at the airport might know people that I do. I’ve even come across people I had mutual friends with on my specific flights. It’s a small world out there. Make a new friend, pass some lonely airport time and get a drink together.


Sporting events and entertainment events such as concerts are great places to meet and interact with new people. Sitting at a country concert tailgate? Open your Two Degrees app and see if you have any mutual friends with people around you. Popular sporting events, such as NFL games are great places to utilize Two Degrees and discover new connections. Not only will you have the same favorite sports team in common— you’ll also now have friends in common too!