Being disruptive used to be a bad thing. How many times did you stay after school for talking too loud or not following the rules in class? Has innovation ever been sparked by committee? 

Getting attention is only half the equation in today’s tech world, getting results from that disruptive attention takes tenacity. 

Our latest result speaks for itself. Two Degrees is one of only 25 startups selected as finalists to compete for the top prize at this year’s SUP-X conference to be held on July 25th at the Greater Fort Lauderdale/Broward Convention Center. Finalists will compete by giving their “pitch” to judges from venture capital firms for the chance to win $25,000.

"We are excited to show-off the new way to daily deals,” said Two Degrees CEO, Steven Fleisher. “We are creating a better way for small businesses to advertise online and make money – while helping people save money and stay social in an increasingly isolated world." 

Our small and fast-growing team displays their tenacity everyday for our clients. We are in business to help local merchants thrive by creating a socially driven marketplace where they can market their products and services and make a profit.  SUP-X gives us the platform to expand our customer base and pave the way for immediate growth beyond southern Palm Beach County. 

Founded by startup and financial guru Bob Fitts, SUP-X has become the premiere start-up exposition in South Florida for beginning entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, angel investors and related service providers in only its sixth year. 

“I like to create an environment for learning and relationships,” said Fitts. “Most startups only focus on meeting investors. I want a place where they can meet employees, customers and business partners. We want people to learn, that’s why we have people who really know what they are talking about.” 

SUP-X attracts startups from 15-24 states across the country as well as a handful of international groups from Canada and Western Europe. This year’s SUP-X will include four stages with over 60 panel discussions, speeches and demos. Leading off the event will be #women4women that will focus on female founders, entrepreneurs and investors. 

Come see our tenacity in action at SUP-X.