Explorer Ponce de Leon never found the Fountain of Youth while tromping through Florida, but if he were to hang out this Saturday at the Stay and Play Café  located at 540 Northwood Avenue in West Palm Beach, he would have died a happy conquistador. 

Picking up where Ponce left off all those years ago, Two Degrees will be venturing north on our own quest to help small businesses grow and communities connect as we participate in the launch of the Stay and Play Cafe – a place that is both sophisticated yet still young-at-heart. How can your inner child not be giddy when the main attraction is board games?  On opening night Two Degrees will be offering unique food deals to the droves of gamers, families and friends. 

Open the door to the Stay and Play Cafe and cotton candy colors lead you past the check-in desk  to the primary colored metal tables and chairs that wait for the games to begin. Behind the tables is the floor-to-ceiling wall of board games that would make any librarian proud.  The cafe features over 435 board games from old classics like Candyland and Monopoly to competitive, medium weight, card-driven, engine building board games like Wingspan that was released last March. 

For millennial generation owners Erin and Chris Tejeda, opening a board game café may seem like an oxymoron but recapturing a bit of childhood was only part of their idea for opening the café.

Our plan here is to go back to basics,” said Erin. “Back before we were glued to our Gameboys and then our Nintendos and then our computers and now our phones. We’re tired of our phones. We’re glued to them at work and for fun. It’s how we meet people.  It’s how we schedule ourselves. It’s how we bank. We’re tired of it. Let’s get back to having conversations with people.

This event gives Two Degrees the important opportunity to get out in our community and connect one-on-one with both the small businesses and the customers they serve.  Bringing people together is an essential part of our philosophy of keeping communities connected and thriving by encouraging people to go out and connect in the real world. Life isn’t meant to be spent behind a screen. Create memories, meet new friends and maybe save a few bucks along the way.  

Come join us and be a kid (or young adult) again by playing your favorite board game during opening weekend July 12th and July 13th from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. at the Stay and Play Café in West Palm Beach.  Download the free Two Degrees app and redeem some delicious deals.

Ponce de Leon would be jealous – maybe we have found the Fountain of Youth.