Imagine sitting at your local coffee shop swiping through your Snapchat stories on a Monday morning. Now picture the guy across the table randomly walking up to you and introducing himself. Sounds strange right? Not so much.

Meet John. John is the guy across the table. John saw you on his Two Degrees app. You went to college with John’s childhood best friend. You and John are now mutually connected.

What? How? Why?

Welcome to Two Degrees where worlds collide for a greater purpose.

The Two Degrees algorithm unlocks connections and expands your network — two degrees at a time. Wouldn’t it be nice to know your friends in common with someone before you met them? Sharing a friend in common creates the potential for a new friendship, connection or relationship to be made.

We can all agree that it is always exciting when you find out you have a friend in common with someone. Truthfully, you probably have friends in common with the person standing next to you and don't even know it. For example, you probably had no idea that you shared a mutual friend with the guy next to you at your local coffee shop. When you discover that you are separated by only "two degrees," new relationships can easily be made.

The result? John and the guy from the coffee shop are now good friends. They regularly keep in touch and had an entertaining time explaining the run-in to their mutual friend, Kyle. Breaking the ice is a lot easier when you immediately have something — or in this case, someone to discuss. That someone? Well, that’s completely dependent on your personal network. In this case, Mark went to college with John’s childhood best friend, Kyle. These situations are more common than you think.

In any given situation and at any given place, you likely share a mutual connection with someone around you. It’s now up to you to utilize these connections.

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